Cage Farming Trends – Be The First One To Know Before Anyone Else!

Cage farming trends change frequently as the world do. The sooner you know the cage farming trends, the more business you can get from it. In this article, we are going to share some cage farming trends within 5 years.

With aquaculture technology updating, the direction of cage culture has also changed. There are 4 trends mainly.

1. cage culture gradually develops from large to small.

In order to promote artificial aquaculture, cage culture was widely used in the pond, River Ditch and other water regions.

2. cage culture gradually develops from fish to special species

At present, the cage culture includes high-quality fishes, crabs, prawn, Monopterus albums. Puffer, snakehead and other local species.

3. The artwork of farming cages has been improved rapidly

Cage materials develop from the raw materials to polyethylene. Mesh gradually develop into metal and plastic. Materials for the framework, sink, float and other accessories develop a lot. They develop from the original bamboo, oil barrel to the steel tube, bubble. and foam

4. The method and purpose of cage culture are different

The way of farming gradually developed from large to small. The cage is generally not more than 50 meters square. The purpose of aquaculture is no longer a high yield, but high efficiency and quality.

cage farming trends

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