Species For Cage Culture: Do You Really Know It? This Will Help you!

Species for cage culture can be very different. You might be confused with the species for cage culture and have no idea which one is the ideal target. In this article, we are going to review species for cage culture.

For freshwater cage culture, its main species can be classified into two levels. On a large water surface, fish is still the main type. They are mostly grass carp, silver carp and snakehead. On the pond, there are many species. They are mainly shrimp, monopteros albus, loach and other special fish.

The main mode of cage culture is also divided into two levels. In the large water surface, it is the intensive mode of artificial feeding. The another is in the estuary. The tranquil area is mainly a non-bait culture mode with silver carp. Cage culture in the pond is mainly for a single species. The most common species are fish, crabs, shrimp and eel

species for cage culture

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